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Here to help you embrace your true self, Amarok Aesthetics was born to help individuals embrace their inner wolf. The side of them that everybody says they shouldn't show. The side of them that other people don't understand. The side of them that makes them who they truely are. You see, unlike other wolves, individuals who are the AMAROK, aren't scared to stand alone.

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How it started?

At the beginning of 2020, I reached a point where I knew I wanted to start my clothing brand not because I wanted to take over the entire clothing industry but because I wanted to wear something different. I wanted to wear a brand that represented something. After experimenting with screen printing, hand-stitching and thousands of samples everything finally came together and Amarok Aesthetics was finally born!

Who is Cole "The Wolf" DaSilva

From country trailer to serial entrepreneur earning 7+ figures a year and impacting millions of lives, I've seen a lot. I grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario, with a dream to want to help more people, and even though it took me years of pain, struggling with self-worth, addiction to the buzz and an addiction to substances, I finally found my outlet through Fitness. I learned I could impact people with their Fitness Journeys and now their businesses and their mind through my words. My goal is to be remembered forever by impacting generations through attacking excuses and justifications. The wolf nickname came from my Relentless pursuit of greatness and success. I'm on this planet to help people live up to their true potential with one conversation at a time.


Follow through with your word, follow through with your actions, follow through on your vision and never waver regardless of how you're feeling...


Loyalty to the pack, loyalty to the vision, loyalty to the work ethic, loyalty to the goals you want to achieve as an AMAROK...


Relentless in the pursuit of greatness, Relentless in the pursuit of success, Relentless in the Pursuit of The Vision, Relentless in the pursuit of everything...